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Sunday Classes for All Adults

9:00 AM

Young Adults  Office Conf. Room

Spiritual gifts and equipping of believers for service. Led by Josh and Amy Personius

Cornerstone  Fireside

Ephesians – verse-by-verse study. Led by John Smith.

Primetime  Lounge Classroom

Finding Joy in Evangelism. Led by Dean Halverson. Starting mid-February – Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper. Led by Warren Jaeger.


10:45 AM

Sojourners   Office Conf. Room

Acts – one chapter discussed weekly using the ABC Navigator Method. Be challenged by the apostles stepping out in faith. Led by Bill Burmeister.

"Reliable Faith - Combating Atheism with Truth"  Neighbor’s Lane

The Bible is the Truth and Christianity is logically reliable (2 Tim3:16), but atheists are working tirelessly to convince the world otherwise.  This 6 week class will demonstrate that atheism is a religion, discuss the reasons we must remain vigilant against its teachings, prove that it fails the most fundamental logical tests. High school and mature middle school students are invited to attend with their parents.Begins 1/18/15. Led by Aaron Purdy.


Respectfully Yours  Lower Sanctuary

Women’s Study. As we unpack the secret to power and influence in your marriage, we will: distinguish biblical respect from being a doormat; discover how to stop negative thought patterns; enjoy a life-changing truth: not wrong, just different; learn practical yet powerful ways to apply respect; and reap the eternal rewards of doing marriage God’s way. 8-week, Cost: $8. DVD/workbook study. Begins 1/18/15. Led by Melissa Bachman.